The Importance of Excellent Customer Service

Your customers are the life and blood of your business.

You know that your technology has the power to shape the future, but only if you take good care of your customers. In other words, no matter how large a company may grow, success is always built on good service at the personal level.

My name is Ben, and I help businesses show their customers a higher standard of service.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Raanana, I am in a unique position to help bring Israeli ingenuity to the American market. A proud dual citizen, I believe that Israeli businesses have the power to push technological boundaries, but only if they can really capture the minds and hearts of their users.

But to do that, you’ll need a:

· Growth-oriented professional who instinctively identifies opportunities for optimization

· Native English speaker with fluent Hebrew and an American background

· Leader who leverages data on user behavior to support strategic business initiatives

· Diligent manager devoted to providing customers with unique solutions for their sites

· Dedicated representative who nurtures curious prospects into proud brand ambassadors through a variety of channels

· Passionate executive who makes customer satisfaction his number one priority

I am confident I can quickly learn and adapt to any tech product required, but what really sets me apart is my extensive customer service experience and unparalleled interpersonal skills.

Throughout my career of over seven years in demanding roles interfacing with customers, I’ve learned and perfected making the customer’s needs a top priority.

So, if you’re ready to give your customers an easy way to choose you and scoop up the leads that your competitors are carelessly neglecting, send me an email at, to introduce yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your business.